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Quintex was first set up by the late Mike Raju. Mike realised the growth potential in both Import and Export in the early 80`s while working for other companies. On the 14th of November 1985, Quintex (UK) Ltd had begun trading. We pride ourselves on our loyalty and commitment towards all our existing customers, and gladly welcome any new business. 

We provide procurement, export and import services on behalf of clients based around the world, particularly in Western Africa. We specialise in the export of general goods, which can be a stand-alone shipment or an on-going supply, with no limitations on quantity or size. As part of our sourcing process, we also actively research other suppliers outside our network to provide a competitive quote.

Andrew Raju.jpg

Andrew Raju




"We have over time, built up a reliable network of local and global suppliers, predominantly manufacturers that allow us to meet our clients’ quality and requirements"



Mike Raju.jpg

Mike Raju (Late)


"Our experience and long-term relationship with inspection agencies ensure that goods are delivered on a timely basis"


“The professionalism of Quintex in areas of Import/Export coupled with their proficiency in book-keeping, is highly recommendable worldwide. I would not hesitate to do business with them and or work with them again” 


Ambassador Danny M. Ssozi - Deputy Head of Mission, Uganda

“We have done business with Quintex for years and we are happy with their services, especially in procurement and supply of rare items.  Some of our key suppliers of trade products were also introduced to Quintex”


“Quintex UK are one of the most professional firms I have had to deal with. I find them very efficient, well organised and true to their word. I recommend them invariably to all my clients who wish to do business with experienced hands”



Ily Maisanda, CEO - Maisanda & Co, London

“Our relationship with Quintex over the years has enhanced our business growth and reputation to satisfy our oil & gas clients and retail customers. Our supply chain activities starts from Quintex & ends with customer requirements and satisfaction. They maintain quality, honesty and responsiveness with their business activities”


Chief Mike Okoye, MD - Gruppo Genprogetti Nigeria Ltd, Nigeria

Chief G. Nnwoka, MD - Chioma Productions Ltd, Nigeria

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