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Quintex (UK) Limited, Registered in England No.: 01959318 - VAT No.: GB 440 5545 67

© 2020 Quintex (UK) Ltd


We have been referred to by many of our clients due to our solid reputation and have established partners in all continents. 


Our services include:

  • Providing worldwide import and export

  • International shipping

  • Global sourcing services to our various customers

  • Freight forwarding 


We will negotiate prices and quantities on your behalf, arrange for inspections and negotiation of terms of delivery and payment. Goods are sourced globally to ensure cost effective prices, without compromising on the quality of the product, for our clients. We do not limit our export experience to one type of product or a single industry. We also manage EU & South African companies, as well as being importers of charcoal and cassava chips. Whether you are a PLC, small business or government body, Quintex can provide for your trading requirements.
Authorized MHRA Representative in the European Union
If you are a manufacturer outside the EU zone and wish to sell your products in the European market, look no further, Quintex will, on your behalf, liaise with the regulatory agency to assist you achieve your goal.



Below are some of the types of clients that we are currently or have supplied for in the past.


Our clients are based around the world. 


  • Airports

  • Corporate and industrial

  • Educational boards and departments

  • Fire departments

  • Governments and semi-government organizations

  • Health boards and departments

  • Ports

  • Private individuals

  • Railways

  • State electricity departments

  • Water supply and sewage boards

  • Police and military safety wear

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